Your home from Sighisoara: Flora Luxury House

Not your regular review, because it is not that kind of a review.

It’s more than that, because you do not deserve a medium hosting, but a premium one.

And I discovered Flora Luxury Home from Sighisoara and here to share it with you.


Look at it: looking great and cozy is whatever you want even if you’re in Sighisoara for business, or with family and friends.

Maybe if you’d visit for business, or family and friends you’d choose this room (out of the 4 available):

Besides what you can already see in the photo, let me tell you what you don’t: the most relaxing bed mattress ever. It will hug you from below while the spotless duvet would make your worries melt away.

You are covered even if more romantic, with this spacious room with an open space bathroom with bathtub and swing… to lighten a spark for you and your special one.

Ok,ok, don’t blush on me now if you’re the more conventional type… you are safe with this room from below , take a peak:

Warm shades, natural light, a smell of freshness, and the space you’d need for all your luggage.

Now that you know a bit about the rooms, you could come here in the living, relax, chit chat with the amazing hosts, get the most valuable advice from them and why not.. take some notes.

The tips of various touristic activities are priceless, and you will find them more valuable than most of the lists you’ll find if “google- ing” them only.

Speaking of the hosts, maybe you read some other reviews stating the breakfast is really good.

That’s a lie.. because it simply amazing.

All products come from local producers, and the jams are home made by the hostess herself.

They will find out what you like and what you don’t and they will adapt the breakfast in such a way that you will feel spoiled for the entire staying.

Have I mentioned that coffee and teas are at your disposal, and also their well equipped kitchen?

I din’t cook, just indulged with some summer refreshments and felt like home:

All the coziness inside, and yet if not feeling to spend all your evenings out, you can enjoy the lovely swings from outside, the grass, and the privacy of this coquette house.

We have a saying here in Romania that states that people is what makes a home “holy”.

I’d say that the hosts from Flora manage to add to the luxury house the vibe and touch of a loving home.

Can’t wait to return there the next time when in Sighisoara.

And until then… you go there, and let us know how you find it to be.


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