A thing at which I am terrible.

I studied it alone, it related to me and trying to have a decent relation with it.

And yet, no results so far.

I can not defeat, beat or  befriend waiting and only when thinking about it I feel this twitch.

And you know what is the strangest thing? 

I am writing this post with “waiting” being generated randomly by a soft, just in a time in my life when I am waiting for something.

Here is where I’d ask the non believers in fate “What about this coincidence? Top this one !”.

And while I was giggling inside I remembered I have the perfect photo for “waiting”.

It was taken in Sibiu, Romania, a few years ago, and even now when watching it I feel the same thing.

Admiration for the stillness, for the meticulosity and for the waiting capacity of this crafter.

He was not expecting for his creations to come out of his hands in no time, or for people to get crazy over his work.

His wise patience had me still, and I was in awe.

I was witnessing the thing I lack the most being mastered: patience.

Time has passed since then, and yet when I think of waiting patiently I recall him, and get extracted this photo from my memory.

He who mastered patience  was not a young man, so he had time to learn patience and to have her as life partner.

I will learn it too. Eventually.

It’s a pretty long journey until then, but I’m here to learn it all, not leaving and waiting.. patiently. 

What do you see?

Food for the famished? Food for originality?

Or food for the one who indulges in beauty?

I’ve shown you this type of art in a previous post, about marzipan sculpting, and I can’t still wrap my head around it.

And yet here I found myself in front of this:

A work of beauty, mouthwatering in the same time as stimulating the juices of creativity.

Because after seeing in, I was feeling it reminded me of something.

But I found it hard to put a name to it so I let it to rest, for my subconscious to extract it and serve it to me the next day.

And it did like this.

The laced golden details and the curves remind me of the exquisite Faberge egg.

I am starring at the sculpture again and yes… it must be that.

Not a minute passes by and I lay my eyes on the red velvet the sculptures are standing on and another revelation.

They are like taken out of the glamorous interiors from king’s Louis the XIV court.

The aristocratic details of the marzipan bring back memories of long endless parties and heavy dresses of ladies layered in powder and having chocolates.

Just like the books of those days teach us when opening their covers.

If Louis would be alive today it would be his honor to host such works of art under his roof.

Ok, so a pampered Faberge with a touch of French baroque… that must be all, right?

It’s all right for some minutes when the last “feeling” came: the modern and praised Laduree macaroons.

I know, there’ s a huge way from Faberge and Louis the XIV to… macaroons.

But trust me on this: if they would be frosted and sculpted in marzipan by our artist , Radu Solovastru, they would not be only macaroons.

They would be edible little works of art.

Remember the first photo of the post, right?

Guess what now: they do really come out from a collection that incorporates Faberges.

This is what happens when an artists do the most important thing: send a clear message through their art.

Thank you for the creative moment, Radu 🙏

Where to eat in Brasov: Am Rosenanger

Continuing the series of what to eat in Brasov with his tiny gem, that we encountered on a night walk.

The Am Rosenanger, a restaurant specialised in foods from more Northern European countries..

And probably if you read this series so far, you know that all these amazing locations needed reservations ahead.

It was the case for this one, where we could find an empty table in 3 days.

And is it worthy?

Absolutely, but only if: you are verrryyyy hungry or if you love this cuisine.

What we chose today were only two dishes, both delicious.

The famous Jäger schnitzel, topped with a white sauce with mushrooms and white onion.

As much as I tried, believe me that this photo can not express the size of this “beast”.

Didn’t know about its size and ordered a portion of Rosti (the Swiss version of hash browns).

The tender pork schnitzel was one of the best I had, very similar to those served in Austria.

The other dish from the table: fresh Nurnberger sausages with sautéed cabbage.

I tried a little sausage, and they are not on my taste due to some unfamiliar mix of spices.

And yer, it seems they were exactly how the were supposed to be for one familiar with German cuisine.

Yet, the cabbage was like oven baked and home made..absolutely delicious, and that red pepper… “poisonous spicy”.

If you come back from the slopes, or if you are a gourmand, yes, do try this location.

The service is very good, prices reasonable, and after leaving you feel well fed and taken care of.

Reporting from Brasov,


Where to eat in Brasov: Bistro de L’Arte

I’ve been postponing two things for much too long: dinning in Brasov at Bistro de L’Arte and … eating snails.

Somehow they’ve been magically united today, on the 1st of January 2020:

But let’s start with the beginning.

Visited Bistro de L’Arte with an appointment made a couple of days ago, when arriving to Brasov.

I highly suggest before visiting to check their menu, because I may say it’s more for a fine palate.

An edifying example is the tomato soup: “with kefir, celery infused Saxon palinka and whipped cream. (I’d have no doubts in ordering some, yet it might not be the case for all of us).

Taking you back to my evening: from the entrance, we were very nicely and attentively attended.

The very artistic and cozy atmosphere was quickly warmed up even more by a “warmed up” Jidvei brandy, which I highly recommend if you come here with some chilly bones.

I must confess I knew ever since making the appointment that they serve escargot, yet when seeing the menu I had some doubts, wondering if anything else appealed to me more.

And yet, it didn’t happen , and snails won over pork, pasta, soups and other specialities.

It was my time to begin the new year with a less conventional dinner, and I did pray silently for it not to be a failure.

And so they came:

They do come with a pair of tongs and snail scissors which are indeed very helpful, yet it takes 2 or 3 snails to get used to “the procedure”.

After taking them out from their tiny shells, some tiny bread slices accompanies them in order to have with them.

They were topped with a delicious butter in which parsley and garlic were reduced, and they created an amazing taste.

After 2 snails or so (which by the way are delicious), a fork full of baby spinach salad drenched in lemon washed everything down…

One by one, until none was left… all of them by deep feeling of content and a large smile.

Yes, it was a really good decision and I am glad I chose having escargot for the first time in this fine location.

If you’d ask me if I’d return here I would for sure, and most surely I would have escargot again… seems I befriend the snail family today 🙂 .

My congrats to the team at Bistro for making all a lovely experience.

Reporting from Brasov after a dozen of snails,


Happy New Year !

2020 from Brasov, Romania. 

January first being a cold morning, all covered by a deafening silence, so much needed after last night craziness.

Here in Romania we believe that the way we start the new year, it’s the way the whole year will be like.

So, if the first day starts with peace, love, health, family and abundance.. well, it will be an amazing year.

Wondering the streets when most of the fellows are sleeping under warm duvets, and smoky chimneys.

I wonder what they are dreaming of… their last resolutions and how they were completed or no, or the future ones.

A city that is resting for a few more hours after which one after the other they will seek for air, nourishment, hugs and socializing…and so the frenzy will begin.

How is your fist day of the new year? 

Are you feeling melancholic for a year passing by or enthusiast for anew beginning?

Where to eat in Brasov: Dei Frati

I will start by letting you know, that as just the name gives a hint: this is an Italian restaurant, with pasta as specific, and no pizza.

Tried various times when visiting Brasov to get a free table, yet it never happened.

So, this year “made my homework” by booking a week ahead.

And just today, at 1 PM there I was.

A tiny restaurant, filled with people in a home like and relaxed atmosphere.

Where waiters were nice from minute 1 , and where the fresh dishes of the day were recommended warmly.

Glad I went for one of them as first course: mushroom cream soup seasoned with fresh black truffles and thyme.

Dare I say that it was the best of it’s kind I’ve had in a very long time?

I so dare 🙂

The texture so velvety and light in the same time, and the truffle adding an extra oomph.

Coming from a cold day outside, the soup felt like a warm hug.

Strangely, after finishing it, I was craving for some more Italian goodness.

And yes… did I mention pasta in the beginning? Well, these guys make their own pasta.

You name it: ravioli, tagliatelle, rigatoni, farfalle… it’s an art and they successfully master it.

My secondo piati (second dish) for this lunch: homemade rigatoni with fresh Italian sausages.

Oh yes, each of them bathed in a perfectly balanced creamy white sauce, and sprinkled with crispy bits of bacon.

It was absolutely delightful, and I will come back for sure to this tiny culinary gem.

If I recommend visiting? Absolutely.

No wonder here people come and go, and come and go in a crazy rhythm…

Indulge yourself in goodness and do share if you liked is as much too.

Reporting with a happy belly from Brasov,


Fast or slow in Brasov?

As told you in the previous post, I’m spending the end of the year in magical Brasov.

Exploring the streets at night here is for the fast one and for the slow one.

The old city centre decorated in millions of lights, and animated by the dedicated artists embraced by the waves of tourists that keep on arriving.

For us, Romanians, this a familiar image of our winter traditions, and if you’re not from here you might enjoy it very much.

We are well cherished and appreciated by tourists, like you, and it’s a delight for us to initiate them in all our Romanian delightful bits and pieces.

This one from the photo it’s a mix of ancient traditions, “hardcore”drums and rivers of energy from these people that seem restless.

All this flood the famous Republicii street, and night is suddenly transformed into day.

At least until people harnessed by a terrible hunger to the amazing culinary locations prepared just for them.

An then, with warmth running through the veins and a comfy full belly, they slowly fill in the tiny streets, fulfilled with happiness and peace.

They will arrive at their hotels, hostels, air b&b’s and slowly fall asleep in this world of winter wonderland.

Enjoy and be magic this evening my friends.

Reporting from Brasov with love,


Be Good

What a better time for a piece of wisdom than the week before Christmas?

A week that is absolutely crazy in “shopping land” and all related.

A week in which everybody is searching for anything and buying everything.

And in such a Thursday, a chocolate I opened quoted A.Lincoln like this:

“Whoever you are, be a good person”

And here is the precise AHA moment, when time slows down just  like when you press the breaks of the car.

And it hit me: a GOOD person.

So simple, yet strikingly beautiful and powerful.

Looking around, and deep down inside me I realize that we all need to have this around us, whoever we might be, no matter how good or harsh life may have treated us.

It’s a chain.. my goodness will promote yours and so on.

It’s so easy and it all starts with me and you.

We really need to look more at ourselves and work on ourselves to be good, as good as we can.

Not preoccupying at all with  others: we have our own selves to look after and to create magic.

In fact.. holidays are “the best time of the year” as the Christmas Carol says, just because we are good, better, doing our best.

If we are good, the best tine of the year could be the whole round year.

“Whoever you are, be a good person”… and good will follow… always.

Cruises for the soul, body and mind

No wonder sea has always been a muse, an enchanter and a soother.

For the millions of boats and billions of souls zig-zagging her mysterious “paths”.

Looking through my photo collection for this post I realized that each holiday I’m in includes at some point water and boats.

Visiting Spain some while ago, I found an absolute love for them, and ever since I’ve wanted to be on them.

To enjoy the charm of the smallest ones: in raw contact with the sea underneath, smelling the salt, the algae, according my heart beats to the sound of the waves.

To appreciate the larger ones… never having a limit… for the longer trips, for the new people to meet and amazing places to explore, thousands of photos from which stories to emerge.

For the silence and the peace of mind that larger ships offer, nowadays, when they are so cherished.

The salty air is itself an appetizer for what is about to come.

These sailing experiences bring to life the finest plates from the most fresh of ingredients.

A perfect blend between the appetite for traveling and food itself.

And when best foods are being at the horizon, the finest of wines are being offered: selections of fresh Cabernets, bright Chardonnays..

You guessed it: from special vineyards and harvests.

All for the ultimate experience for the traveler.

And when in a port, better a coquette one, life begins to have a different pace, conversations get richer, people lighten up, hearts open.

Watches are merely accessories since time is measured by the tidal moves of coming and going and coming and going again…. again, slower…

I invite you to imagine such a great day ending slowly through shades of turquoise waters enveloped in fiery sunsets.

When the sun get milder, the golden hour envelops everything in magic.

Nothing is ordinary anymore, and even oceans become limitless.

Best dreams are at the sunsets, and best locations to fulfill them are … the boats.

Daydreaming already of a new exquisite experience.