The Magic Turda Salt Mine

30 something Celsius and in Cluj , Romania… let’s cool off by delving in the “A”mazing Turda salt mine.

Amazing with capital “A”, because look:

A salt mine that produced salt since Middle Ages, closed and 1932 and reopened exclusively for tourism in 2010.

Ok, totally agree.. for that Wikipedia exists, here numbers are just for fun.

Let me take you down with me.

What do you prefer? The modern elevator, or climbing down the 13 floors?

Ok, I took the elevator and felt how I was sliding slowly down into the heart of Transylvania.

It’s breathtaking what these people managed to do in tons of salt, dozens of meters below the surface of the earth.

The heat and noise of summer were left somewhere up and here it was a totally different world.

A pure, salty air transporting me back in the time when people worked here most of their years for a living and when this was a job:

A time when people appreciated seeing the daylight each time they returned back to the civilization.

Nowadays, thousands of tourists can choose to unwind by visiting galleries, the underground salt lake or even bowling, pool, minigolf, or different sports.

I visited some galleries then enjoyed a peaceful tour with the 20 meters Big Wheel :

It’s incredible the patterns that salt designed across thousands of years, and these wet salty ceilings and walls hosting us and purifying the air that bathed us.

Let me zoom you into some salt that look like true cauliflower:

After 8 minutes, back down… and realized I need to show you the “salt waterfall”, because perhaps you’ve never seen it, right?


And deep down… the salt lake… pitck black and 8 meters deep… would you dare sailing a bit down there?

I’ve heard is very cold 🙂

I bet that by now you managed to cool off a bit and that perhaps a visit to the souvenir shop would be a nice idea.

Now… do I need to say that even the guys from Google visited, mapped and shoot for Street View and agreed that the salt mine is a wonderful place to visit?

I highly recommend you to both cool off in summers an warm up in winters in the Turda salt mine.

When visiting Sibiu


Happy feet to you when in Sibiu, Romania!

I mean: wake, up, dress warm and comfy, pickup your camera and go out.

Happy feet


Morning freshness is pretty unique in the old town center of Sibiu.

Morning walks are the best

A contradiction of terms and images: wandering on its old streets through the colorful buildings with various fresh feelings.


The most intense of them all: gratitude.

For being there, grabbing a warm cheese pretzel or a vanillated doughnut that welcome you at each corner.

Tasty mornings


Visiting this lovely place during the Christmas Market of 2017, and in crisp mornings when I had the chance to see each hut getting stuffed with all sorts of goodies.

Missing Sibiu

From various types of “eau de vie”, as Hemingway used to call them , from a rainbow of dried fruits up to a real workshop made with chocolate made of tools.

Delicious colors

The chocolate workshop

Can you just imagine how they designed and handcraft all these goodies?

This is when passion is the real artisan.


Not only a Christmas market and a beautiful location, but a place packed with warm hearted people, ready to guide, help you and befriend you anytime.


When visiting Sibiu? Now, of course.