Dreams in bubbles

Crafting carefully.

And giving them courage to raise high.

When behind the camera :-)))

If most of people set up resolutions for this and that time of the year, of the month, of whatever, I don’t.


I like crafting hopes into dreams, focusing my energy on the things I love to do most, limit me sweating over insignificant things.

When doing that is like almost the entire body participates to the experience.

Different shades in these colorful bubbles: just like in my mind.

A simple, yet vivid rainbow of dreams and beauty that stretches from the “a” to the “z” of this brand new year.


Closing  eyes and taking deep breaths while they raise high.

One, two, still counting..

You see, it’s up to us if they will have enough power to fly.

As for mine: my passion gives them wings, and my persistence keeps them going.

Have courage with yours too!





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