The kind touch

Never underestimate the power of touch.

The touch of a hand, the touch of words, the touch of kindness.

Those could lift you up to the sky, pamper you all the way, and then safely bring you back.


We all had those nasty  days, when nothing seemed to fall in place.

When adding 1 to 1 could result in 3…


In those moments, a gentle hand on your shoulder could ease your being.

Some warming  words could let you know  that 3 it’s not that  bad, but the perfect solution is still 2.


Such a simple matter of approach, but such a powerful and effective tool.


Kindness is simple but so often forgotten.


Being kind to yourself is similar  to slowly caressing a fallen leaf in autumn.

It’s an assurance that everything will finally be ok, just like eventually one day, spring will come again.


Are you being kind to yourself today?


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