My autumnal home

Time after time again…

Coming here with the same passion.

Embracing light


Climbed slippery steps in the winter, saw the blossoms from the courtyards in spring, counted the breezes chasing away torrid city summers.

And yet, my castle was almost like built-for-autumn. It lives and breathes autumn.

The light is tender with it in the morning, at noon the woods embraces it in dozens of coppery- golden shades, and at night the fir trees protects him.

And the statues… if in my earlier years, haven’t got my complete attention, now I can weave so many stories for each of them.

I take these walks mesmerized as I did the first time when discovering this… autumnal dream.


Maybe a bit more passionate and intrigued.

It’s…no, he’s  a castle, not a wizard… or a disguised wizard?

And yet, as the years pass by, he simply keeps on  conquering me, with my muted acceptance.

Funny:  that morning when taking this photo, I somehow felt like getting home.



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