A photo perceived as a painting somehow.

A street of moods, of arts…

"Kronstadt....probably the best city in the wolrd"  ;-)

Is all about that, almost like time traveling.

Taking you on a journey where life was cheap, artists visited bistros, drank wine by the liter and created outstanding pieces.

Trying to mentally re-create the mood inside the coquette bistro.

Maybe not one single word outspoken, or maybe passionate debates, many leading pens to fill up talent ravished notebooks.

The young painter’s shy pencils in front of blank sheets of papers, until the first shade appear.

Or his master’s  charcoal waxed pencils rustling eagerly on the once-blank sheets of papers, bringing to life hand shakes of true gentlemen and smiles of the exquisite ladies of those times.


An atmosphere imbued with art to the very last molecule, to the very last breath.

Old good golden times….


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