Is it rainy (I needed sun)? Is it sunny (I need rain) ?

Have you checked the sky today? Really, have you?

The optimist : yes, the pessimist: no, and the pragmatic  is too mind clouded to even consider such a question.

And now things get  messy: when sun, people want rain and vice versa.Ask them why, and no wonder a silly answer will follow.

Need to   live a wet and heavy drop of rain  thinking about how much you missed it in those torid moments of sunny days.

Happiness is now, while waiting for it is  mind tricking, energy consuming and very unhappily ending.

Chilling by the sea

Enjoying your own company for so others can do the same  can be quite a challenge.

Maybe you’ll be amazed by how many things you’ll find about yourself.

Strengths, weaknesses, patience and  desires: so many pieces of you waiting to be revealed after an obscure existence.

Would you enroll to this simple mission?


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