It’s a new day

This is a pretty usual morning… or a time when one new story is born.

No one knows what today brings, when my tongue will be caressed by the warm, brown liquid of gods.

My senses are all sharpened, welcoming the intensity of its aroma.

Laptop switched on, and I almost hear how we synchronize together.

Spiced up mornings :-)

While it’s loading its system getting ready for me, I’m loading my system to get ready for the day.

With each sip, I could see the old desserts, the sun- dried Arabians and their goats chewing the red berries…

Now that  my system’s fully loaded I’m back…. Ready to google the world down.

What’s going to be today, which will be the challenge, will inspiration strike from a far away place or being? Or maybe not.

Ever wondered why the present time is called present? Maybe because a new day is like a present (gift) for each of us.

We have the world at our fingertips, waiting to be unveiled, and wanting to take herself bits and pieces from us too- a more or less fair, unspoken trade.

A puzzle of faces, stories, my mornings are probably your nights.

Do realize that one point we meet each other beneath the same coffee beans and touch of zesty ginger or citrus peels.


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