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His and mine, yellow and brown eyes, starring patiently  at each other.

A tiny  kitten and me… if you would bet on my winning, guess again.

Check him attentively  please.

Pretty playful boy

You can read determination in his eyes.

He is sitting on the cozy grass, with selective sun rays caressing his young fluffy fur.

He studies me, trying to catch my playful mode too, so he could jump right away , so that he could steal  me and make me his playing partner for the evening.

His breath is shallow, and yes, mine too… I couldn’t ever surrender to a  cat, but what if I would want to?.

But, oh, he is so charming, by slowly closing his eyelids and looking at, me, more like through me.

I allow being mesmerized by my handsome tuxedo-dressed-kitten, he  feels that, and in a blink of an eye  he’s in my lap.

Knowing I’ll be addicted to his warmth, he allows petting him for a couple of minutes, jumps off, and I follow him in the cool grass.

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