Golden hours are a dream.

Beautiful nature and her nuances get an enchanting touch at these times of day.

You’ve all seen apples by now, tasted them… but you haven’t seen or tasted my apples in a sheer light of a not-so far-away autumn.

Golden lighted tempations

Here they were almost bathing in a curtain of floating gold.

From the moment I spotted them I somehow knew that the yellow ones were jealous on the red one.

Don’t think the reddish lines on them are an innocent coincidence… when spring was in full bloom they tried stealing some color, but no success.

Perhaps they had  a pact: the red flushed guy swore that if he has all the pigment, all the sweet sandy textured flesh will be only for the his yellow ladies.

Not very convinced they accepted, and now, when getting closer to them, I can smell their plump flesh of sweet juiciness.

They tempt me to come closer, to pick them up, and feel the explosion of their aroma.

Their colored coat is so thin, that you can almost predict what’s underneath.

Apples… temptations from the beginnings of time, till the very end of  it.


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