For Italy… with love- Firenze

Starting the journey each day to a new location from the one and only Florence.

Or let’s call her the real name.. Firenze, shall we?

Firenze is the place i put my feet on  when arriving in Italy.

She opened up her crowded streets for me with the same enthusiasm I had for been absorbed by them.

Heard of it as an open air museum, yet I see it as the history lesson which should be offered to the laziest of pupils, big or small.

I mean hard work, it always paid off, and an eye for beauty and detail created this:


The imposing architecture and the sculptures suddenly made me feel small, a passenger through life.

They taught me that  time is something I don’t just  have, but I need to make.

"Tic tac" he said

And for that I slowed down, and realized what “festina lente” from Latin classes really meant.

No need to rush

Firenze showed me how to slow down, breath, unclench the phone, sip an espresso while  being grateful for having such a chance.

She taught me again the joy of old school socializing, around  a table, with nice people, good food, and without any sense of time.


Grazie my beautiful Firenze.

One day we will meet again.








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