Traveling to Italy: people

The tiles are hot, wheels pushing against them feeling sticky and yet…

People are coming.

By airplane, train, boat, cars.

It’s like a silent summon in an universal language that we all understand.

And we are here, ready to discover every corner, every street, every work of art that can greet us from each corner… to meet all the others who are just like us.

Italy is wandered up and down by groups of tourists gathered like ants, all following audio instructions, waiting for the next green light so they could reach the next street.

It was delightful to find this little girl fascinated by the pigeons from the piazza from Milan.

I could saw her eyes sparkling with joy, and taking her best pose so that her mother could capture that magic moment.

Her mother and me… because i also witnessed her happiness.

I witnessed that happiness and Italian people  pouring their souls into their passions. Modern time alchemists.

I learned… that like alchemists turned lead to gold so can we: transforming each of our experience into the best self-education.

Time flies by, people also, and while night unfolds over the heated Italy, even more groups emerge to indulge into a gelato at least.

People reaching out to people face to face, bonding like we used to once, when social media was less aggressive.

Italy is like a witch and a mother herself to all of us : she befriends everybody, so that we could love her unconditionally and visit her whenever she feels lonely.


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