Don’t tell me that because you are reading this  on your device you believe I was writing this directly on my keyboard.

I can see why it would be a correct assumption on your side.

Only that this time my dear reader, you are wrong.

Let me tell you that I am handwriting this all, even the draft, and will copy and upload it for the media later on today.


For some days now I am creating a new habit: the one of  daily writing.

From writing prompts, to random thoughts and feeling, to goal setting.

And since it takes 23 days for  a new habit to be generated, I decided to hand write for all the 23 of them.

I am somewhere in the middle now, and decided to share with you something I learned from it.

I learned that it’s like I even forgot how my hand write looked like.

That’s what a job in front of a PC did, that’s what writing SMS and socializing on media did.


Now, if I’d ask you when was the last time when you wrote by pen and I mean a straight page and not filling a form, would you remember?

I know for sure that putting pen on paper and shaping thoughts into words requires my entire, undivided attention.

It’s like words need me to breathe life  into them and grown them.


I dare you to hand write these days in order for you to rediscover how patient you are, how concise you are… or to admit what you lack, and into what you need to grow.

It’s interesting rediscovering yourself in front of a blank sheet of a paper.

There is a a reason for which everything that is “handmade, hand write, hand-etc” is so special: because someone added their energy, mindset  and time.


I wrote these 308 words so far with no pauses, while being 100% engaged .

I know that writing is like air to me, and it helped me realize that no dream is big enough.

Not unless I write it down into coherent phrases which to be followed and lived word by word, day by day.







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