Missing Italy. Badly.

If you haven’t visited her already: just go.

If you did already: do it again.

I miss it badly because:

1. Her air has an unique warmth which embraces you just as welcoming you.

2. When you have a pizza and you hear Italian being spoken: breath in deeply and cuddle these memories inside you like a treasure. In your lowest days, these memories will gently come out and cuddle you back.

3. She is genuine and will look you into your eyes and invite you into her home.

4. The red of a Vespa makes you smile even when remembering it from your holidays. She is part of the spirit.

5. The streets are so stylish and home like when you are so far away from your own.

6. Osterias will charm you and wine will make time slow and your days will have as many hours as you dare them to have.

7. The lesson Ferrari gives empowers each of us and makes us feel a part of something bigger than us.

8. You’ll have tattooed on your retina this image when you’ll be hot as hell.

9. Oh… she’s is a living museum each turn you take, and because you breath in pure art.

10. Gellaterias are like a breeze of freshness even when seeing them. It’s like you’re in the fairy tale you imagined when you were a kid.

11. Nights are as slow or fast, hot or cold as you fancy them.

Two years in a row spending my holidays in Italy aren’t enough for me to get enough of her.

The more I see of her the more I want her.

Entering Italy I feel like I am finally home and when leaving her a part of me stays there to assure her that one day I will be coming back.

Ti amo, bella Italia ❤️



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