“La Cuptor”- 2020

A plateful of favours, like a rainbow on the sky.

This is what I chose this year at my favourite restaurant: “La Cuptor”.

For the ones of you that are knew on the blog or simply  don’t know,  “La Cuptor” is a restaurant in Sibiu, Romania.

This was the first time I visited on summer, and was absolutely dreaming of their terrace for some time.

Their terrace is a mix of Provencal and Italian, and when looking at how their menu looks like one understands that it’s the right place to be.

In my previous visits I had their signature  burger, the  velvety cream soups, the  duck with black rice, the buttery marrow served with toast and roasted peppers and many others.

I imagine that you already started to taste the flavours and understand the magic of the place.

This time, I missed these tastes I knew, but I was also curious about what was new.

So after carefully reviewing, I chose this one: duck thigh with brown mushroom mash, apple mousse and Marsala wine jelly.

Hence my comparison with the rainbow in the sky mentioning on the beginning.

The duck thigh was cooked to perfection, and I chose to have it like this:

  • A small pice of tender  duck, topped with a tiny dollop  of apple mousse
  • A fork full of the mushroom mash to wash down  the sweetness of the apple
  • A bit of the Marsala wine fruity jelly to wash down the earthiness of the mushrooms 

This order of eating took me to heavens and kept me there throughout the entire meal.

I am a slow eater but this time I deliberately ate even slower, to prolong the moment as much as I could.

I praised the chef for creating such a dish, for the owner of La Cuptor for being so open minded for approving such a dish, and to the divinity for allowing me to experience this.

When choosing this new dish, I decided I a good wine would pair nicely, so tried  a new Romanian wine: Busuioacă de Bohotin – C’est soir, hoping for the best.

Let me tell you it blew my mind away.

I always read reviews of foods, drinks and curious about what notes people identified in them, although they were not always my findings.

With this wine, it was the reverse.

I ordered it, tasted it and …whoaa…. This had an amazing  floral scent at the end.

And  later that evening, the reviews on this wine confirmed my theory.

This  was a rose wine, not  harsh, with just a light sweetness, the ones that grapes probably gathered in July, but with this amazing crispiness and bouquet of flowers in the end.

And this comes from a person that usually loves two types of wines (my parent’s countryside production and Porto wine) and enjoys occasionally testing others.

A lovely meal in a beautiful location and served by nice waiters, in a cozy atmosphere, with lovely people around… what could be better?

Do pay this place a visit and try their delicious treats.

You will not regret it, promise.


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