The interview tips no one told you about

So ok, wether you’re like me, interviewing online due to the pandemic, or a reader “from the future”, this is for you.

The internet is indeed full of tips like: answering suggestions, how to smile or if to do it, how to present yourself, etc.

But what I found to make the difference are these ones.

These will make you a winner, if not for the job, then in your own eyes:

  1. Allow yourself at lest one hour before the interview.

You need to get in the right mindspace.

2.Test your light. And have a backup.

If you rely on sunlight that can change abruptly.

It happened to me, but preparing in advance I had the time to set up my ring light.

Don’t have a ring light? Be creative, nothing can stop you.

3. Shower. 

I assume you are already a clean person, but a fresh shower will give you a boost

4. Put on the “good perfume”, even though it’s an online interview

If you will feel like a million dollar babe, this image will project to the people interviewing you

5. Iron your clothes. Always.

6. Have a coffee and something sweet to keep your glicemy in place and for you to get past the nerves

7. Do a bit of talking even if alone.

Especially if let’s say you were having a free day. 

Our voices need warming up for an interview, just like a singer before a performance

8. Listen.

Listen actively and do not rush in with an answer.

You will be more appreciated if your answer is well thought and natural, instead of precipitated and shallow

9. Be authentic, be you.

It’s a job in which you will be spending most of your time.

Even if they don’t choose you it doesn’t mean they disapproved of you, but maybe the job wasn’t a match.

10. Always remember the person interviewing you is just that: a person.

Fell free to express warmth, humanity, empathy and real interest.

After a couple of these I can assure you of this: you are already a winner, taking the job or not.

You win more trust in your own self, more experience and why not the chance for an even better job.

And, if you ever get to the other side, always appreciate people for showing up and giving their best.

Curious to hear more tips from you too!



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